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I Am Rocking The Crown I Deserve

This month's full moon brings with it tons of perfectionism energy. And I'm hella here for it! If you have been reading my blog from the start or keeping up with me on my podcast, you know this spiritual chick is in love with all things transitional. I love a good cleanse!


I Fear Neither Failure or Success

Whether I succeed or fail that is still proof of progress. Changing your perception on how you look at the things that happen FOR you can really be so beneficial in every way you can imagine. 


I focus on the life that I want to see..

Gone are the days of being concerned about my past and anything negative associated with it. Gone are the days that I dwell on actions I should’ve taken but didn’t.  🌺🕊 Finding peace within has always been the ultimate goal. And when you make it your focus but remain open to all of life’s choices, you’ll see that peace is all around us in abundance.    It’s the simple joys and present moments that show us.    Stay present y’all.  Enjoy your body.  Enjoy that sip of tea, water, cognac, whatever tickles ya fancy. — the point is to savor...

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