Sometimes you have to Tap Out...



So many times within a month, I have to remind myself that I'm human. Ugh, the agony! Lol

Not allowing myself time to rest properly is dangerous. Because me without proper sleep and some TLC is a damn horror movie. And not the kind that you chuckle at! You'd have to be on some straight, "Run Forrest! RUUUNNN!!" Type of energy!

As I get older, y'all, I realize that it's okay to Tap Out for a minute to catch a break. To regroup. To strategize and Tap Back In with fresh eyes and renewed spirit. This creative entrepreneur shit isn't for the weak.

I hope you take the time to nurture yourselves with all things you seek. Going hard is great! But you can't go anywhere with no gas in the tank.

Stay hydrated. Stay straight.

- Ya Homegirl Ky


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