Classroom Nostalgia

Classroom Nostalgia

Back in the day, I would constantly get in trouble for doodling in class. Every day it feels like I was sent to detention for "Not Obeying Class Rules!" And "Being Completely Disrespectful!" In my adolescent head, I was practicing my graffiti letters, you know, perfecting my craft! Leaving my mark!

This laptop case was inspired by my childhood doodling days. I moved to Sacramento, California at the beginning of middle school. But before that, I lived in Richmond, California, and went to school in East Oakland. Why did I go to school in Oakland if I lived in Richmond you ask? Well, long story short my mom worked in Oakland and it made sense for her if I went to school close by.

Growing up in the Bay, you are saturated with culture and art. Every person I was introduced to had some type of artistic influence. Some of these people were pottery makers,  jewelry makers, poets and I've even met tarot readers.  Who could most likely be found working from a table they brought out onto the sidewalk. The local corner stores even added its contribution to art culture, with beautiful morals painted on the side of its buildings. 

One day walking to my local corner store, there was a local kid who was tagging this mural with a message and his signature. Something about watching him leave his mark in clean airbrush strokes had me mesmerized!  The way he would tilt his hand to make the perfect stroke and release the spray can nozzle in just enough time to create THE PERFECT drip was everything for me! Watching people willing to bend the rules a little and take risks,  just to show that they were here. 

Because of moments like that, I've always been a fan of authenticity and appreciative of ingenuity.  I love to watch people and how they artistically show up for themselves. I marvel at the details because those can be the clearest gazes into a person's soul, no matter how minuscule. Growing up in the city allowed me to see people fully embrace who they were. It showed me that we are all here doing our best to leave a mark.

Take the time to appreciate the contrast around you. There is beauty to be found in everything. And if you pay close attention to the signs and synchronicities around you, you'll find that the answers you seek are everywhere! I see inspiration in everything! Just like watching that kid tag that corner store. I saw a moment that would last forever! I saw a person so compelled by what he saw, that he wanted to contribute to the message. He wanted to leave his mark and pay it forward. 

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