Ya'll know I love a good 2's day!!!

This number has been magical to me since I can remember. My love for it mainly started because my birthday is Jan. 22, and growing up, seeing that number made me feel all kinds of special. It wasn't until I was older that I realized all the magical properties associated with this number and how it carries all types of goodness. But of course, that's entirely up to you to decide. 

I encourage you to research this number and any other number you continuously see. If you are anything like me and feel that there is a meaning to everything you come to counter with, I urge you to seek your understanding of these things. 

On this magical 2's day, I'll leave with you a mantra and a prayer. 

"I release what is old and no longer sets me free. I allow all the new and beautiful things to flow freely to me.

Now is my time to acknowledge all the power within me more than ever.

Clear away things that no longer serve me. Protect and shield my heart and spirit from those who wish evil upon me.

Guide me through the chaos that once was me. 

I am of light and love, and I wish to move as the."


Screenshot this, rewrite it in your handwriting, and recite it aloud for however many days you wish. As a collective, we have been going through tumultuous times, and no matter what is going on around you, you must stay focused, mind, body, and spirit on what you want out of this life. It's not enough to desire something. You have to do the work. And putting in action on all levels that you exist on will bring you through. 

Shield up, peeps!


As always, Ya Homegirl Ky.



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