I Fear Neither Failure or Success

@ShamelessKy's Mantras 


Whether I succeed or fail that is still proof of progress. Changing your perception on how you look at the things that happen FOR you can really be so beneficial in every way you can imagine. 


Starting this business and figuring out how to incorporate all of what I do underneath one name was so scary for me in the beginning. There were so many factors that I was afraid of because I had no prior knowledge of running a business. Let alone how to market myself. All I knew was I am an artist, and I love to express myself in multiple ways. 


Holding those two facts close to my heart and allowing other things to unfold naturally lead me to where I am today. And I failed so many times before starting this, whether with 9-5 jobs that drained me of my vitality and lust for life because I'm helping someone else's dreams come true and not mine. Or just simply wanting to do something then impulsively going for it without any real plan, and because there was no plan to keep myself fired up about it, it failed before it even had a chance.


What I learned in the failure was that the new information I obtained because of one failed venture, opened up a doorway to a new one that was more specific and more closely tailored to what I was originally looking for anyway. Which ultimately turned out to be a success in the long run. I've realized that no matter what happens in life good or bad, just by having  either experience I am wiser and more ready than when I first started.


So I learned to take my losses with my head held high so I can pay attention to what I may have missed.  And to use my successes as proof that my ability to spot my mistakes and reconfigure my plan instead of giving up, will continue to push me forward.


With that mindset, it doesn't matter whether I fail or succeed, because both provide comfort in which direction I should continue to seek.


Feels way better having this type of perception than to look at a failure and feel shitty about it am I right? 



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