I Am Full of Untapped Potential

· By Shameless Ave

I Am Full of Untapped Potential

I don’t know about you, but around this time of year, year after year, I have realized that I go into hermit mode.


Introspection and solitude go on overdrive for me as the days slowly get colder and the leaves change colors. Weekends tend to be more intimate than showy, and people you come across are always eager and passionate for the new year, creating a sweet lingering essence of optimism in the air.


Everyone’s enjoying the change as we prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. Families anticipate reuniting with distant relatives while being dressed in their holiday finest. While simultaneously prepping to break diets to ready their bellies for grandma's bests.


This time of year is for recognition—a time for appreciation and reflection. And for me now more so than ever, because this time last year, it was all about debuting this business for the first time.



Shameless Ave is a baby of mine. And it's entirely something that I am dreaming up and putting together piece by piece out of thin air.


So much love and passion goes into making this business what it is. And last year, all I had was tons of ideas that were ruminating in my mind for years and a few hundred dollars to stretch and make something happen.


As artsy as I am, I have always kept my hidden thoughts, and my art tucked out of the way from society. Mostly out of fear and ridicule for being different. And also the dread of having to over-explain a concept behind an art piece to someone so much that I wouldn’t care about the compliment of them being interested anymore. The whole idea of sharing these intimate parts of myself (my close-to-heart beliefs) made my fucking skin crawl. But something deep down was seriously pushing me to do it, so I was going to do it. No matter what.


So for months, all hours or the day and night, I worked, studied, created, and slept. And finally, put together enough for me to feel I was ready to launch. And guess what? Ya girl had a silent panic attack in the bathroom literally hours before I hit the launch button. Yes! Yes, reader, you read that right. A silent……. fucking….. panic attack! Literally shaking and hyperventilating because I was about to push the button on my dreams.



I’ve pushed through guys, and little did I know that this one concept of compiling all my talents and skills into one business would take off the way it did. In one year of business, I have not only stepped way out of my comfort zone of sharing my intimate thoughts in creative ways, but I’ve also learned so much about myself and my limits.


Creating art, creating merch, watching my family and friends as well as strangers wearing and or complimenting my ideas has been a whirlwind of an experience. And it’s only the beginning. It’s showed me that it’s okay. I can make mistakes and not fall apart. I can still create beautiful things and not everyone is going to love my art. I can express my feelings so well and still be misjudged and misunderstood. But still no matter what, there will always be people who think what I’m doing is really good. I’ve learned that being brave and stepping away from the crowd will always do your heart some good.


I’ve helped people start their businesses by creating logos and designing websites tailored to their business needs. I’ve made business cards and have attended brainstorming sessions on up-and-coming non-profits.


I’ve been trusted to recreate family photos with my artistic flavor for living rooms and spouse's birthday surprise parties. All because I pushed past what I thought was my limit. I have no doubt in my mind my panic attack was my nervous system's way of acknowledging that I had passed a threshold I placed in front of myself for so many years. By sticking with my ideas and ignoring anyone who didn’t agree or understand them and simply believing in them and doing it anyway has led me on a path I’ve always desired to be on.


A path that leads to limitless opportunities to create, learn, experience, earn and share.


Cheers to pushing past thresholds and unlocking your unlimited potential!


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