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All Good Things


“With time and grace, all good things naturally fall into their rightful place.” This morning I wrote this mantra because I’ve been feeling like I’m racing the clock. I don’t know where this clock is, who set it, or what time it’s set for; all I know is that it’s ticking.


At least that’s what it feels like.


I’m 30 years old, I still have plenty of time, right?! I’ve already accomplished so much in these 30 going on 31 years, but there’s still so much more to accomplish. I constantly ask myself, what is it about growing older that makes me feel like I have to hit milestones at specific timestamps?


I always feel like after I accomplish one thing, I have to continue moving forward to the next thing.


Like a damn rat race or something, but then I have times of complete relaxation where I honestly won’t be rushed for a damn thing! Lol, balance, I guess. I'm honestly starting to realize that all the suffering that all the Holy Books speak of is entirely accurate. And I believe that the hell we're experiencing is Time.


Our spirit, soul, essence, whatever you want to call it, knows no time. Because essentially, it doesn’t fucking exist. We, as humans, created time as a construct for survival because we’re here to gather knowledge and expand. Our “meat suit” needs time…. Life is supposed to be about evolution and expansion. We are instilling wisdom in the youth to transfer over into new generations to come. Life is supposed to be about improving and experiencing, not comparing and competing. Not dismissing and ultimately repeating the same cycles because we ignored the signs the first time.


I pray I continue to stay vigilant on my path. And to not let time bother my psyche. I pray, you reader, don’t get wrapped up in trying to race with time. May you ease into everything you wish to do. And May all your desires along with mine come true.


Ya Homegirl Ky


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