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It's been a year since my last episode!

I took some much needed time away from all things social to grief the loss of my mother. I've reorganized my life, and I'm ready to share!

Tune In!

Blog posts

  • I Am Rocking The Crown I Deserve

    This month's full moon brings with it tons of perfectionism energy. And I'm hella here for it! If you have been reading my blog from the start or keeping up with me on my podcast, you know this spiritual chick is in love with all things transitional. I love a good cleanse!
  • Narcissism & Self-Sabotage VS. Intuitive Guidance & Self-Preservation

    If everything we go through in this human experience is about perception. Then is there ever really a right or wrong answer to anything? Wouldn’t the right answer always just be what you want to go with in the moment that feels comfortable? And if you make a  decision that appears to be wrong to others, but in the long run it ends up being good. Can it still be considered narcissistic to have made that choice?

    Or is it favored afterwards as being infinitive guided only because the outcome was favorable? Isn’t the labeling of your actions based solely on how you were perceived by others when you made it?

  • I Fear Neither Failure or Success

    Whether I succeed or fail that is still proof of progress. Changing your perception on how you look at the things that happen FOR you can really be so beneficial in every way you can imagine.